Jun 12, 2016

Salió del cajón de los juguetes: Kobra Khan Camuflado

This is a very special It came from the toy chest. It deals with a very special figure. I even got a special introduction for this review made by Axel Gimenez.
As in the artist of the Seventh MOTUC mini comic, and the Classics Modulok.

*Camo Khan (originally Kobra Khan Camuflado), was a variant of the regular Kobra Khan, created in 1988 in Argentina by Top Toys, the company responsible for producing the figures of the original Masters of the Universe line. He was introduced along with Rattlor and Tung Lashor, as the first and almost unique Snake Men (Las Diabólicas Serpientes). King Hssss was the other, and the last figure of the line.
Top Toys justified the introduction of Camo Khan on the line, creating an alternative history of the origin of the Snake Men, included in a small paper within the minicomics:
"The Diabolical Snakes (The Snake Men). Skeletor, God of Destruction, in his pursuit of domination of the Universe must take possession of the Castle Grayskull, fortress of mysterious power. To do this, he ordered Kobra Khan the formation of a tenebrous group of new villains, able to performing his most diabolical plans. Kobra Khan quickly traveled the galaxy recruiting the most ferocious and dangerous reptilians. Soon the group was gathered and as a reward Skeletor named Kobra Khan leader of the Diabolical Snakes and endowed him with a new power of "camouflage himself" that added to his hypnotic poison makes it one of the most dangerous villains in Eternia. Now He-Man, the most powerful man of the universe, along with Defenders of the Good (Heroic Warriors) will have to face new dangers to protect Eternia from the Diabolical Snakes."
The recent inclusion of Camo Khan in the Classics line, as one of the three Power-Con exclusive figures, it means a great achievement for me, and probably for all Argentinean fans, with the extra gratification for me to see my art on the badge of the bio on the figure cardback.*

So, now that you know who is Kobra Khan Camuflado, let's get to the reviewing part! Once Again, Thank you Axel for this Intro.

Hola, mucho gusto, mi nombre
es Khan, Kobra Khan!
If you have a classics Khan, don't worry, I won't do the Shatner Joke... like last time... As I was saying, you kinda know what to expect if you own a Kobra Khan figure. The Elbows on mine are a bit loose, compared to the Original Khan. His left ankle is loose as well. Other than that, just the same as Original Flavor Khan. 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
This is a new paintjob for Kobra Khan with Buzz-off claws. If you already own a MOTUC Khan and Buzz Off, you know what to expect for the sculpt. The paintjob is where the differences begin to appear. He has a more "Woodland Camo" vibe to him and a Snakemen Insignia Tampographed on his chest. Due to Power Con's Limitations, his chest was not a new piece. (a 3D snakemen insignia would have been Amazeballs, even if inaccurate to the vintage Toy... Wonder if some of the 3D Printing Masters could pull something off) but it kinda works. I think I will seal it just in case. the gold paint used is a bit shinier than He-Ro's. 4.5

Really!? A THIRD ONE!?
Here's where the Power con limitations KINDA Hurt Him. His single accessory is a Clawful Mace in Lime Green... Is this some kind of sick joke? I ain't laughing... The Proto shows the Palace Guard Mace in Green! You can see it on the back of the card with a Decent Bio melding the Top toys Origin with the Neitlichverse. (not sure if this was written by Neitlich himself or a Ghost Writer.)

But he's kinda missing something... No, not Pick-Cell Fang... His Flared Hood head. I KNOW the vintage toy didn't have one, but MOTUC Khan does and, well... It would've been nicer to have that extra hooded head. Don't get me wrong, the figure is already super nice, but VERY, VERY Bare Bones. 2.0


Bio is pretty good! Also Palace Guard Mace...
I wish you were real!
Camo Khan gets a 3.67 out of 5 as his final score. Don't get me wrong, it's a great piece of History to have (wonder if it can pave the way for MOTUC Scaled Fuerza T), but for the collector with a more limited budget, he may feel a bit too overpriced. now that the Secondary Market is the only place to get him, he may feel even more expensive...

Searched MOTUC Kobra Khan
on ebay... top 2 results.
While My wallet may want me to die a fiery death, I like the figure.

I cannot deny that a part of me wishes we could have gotten him WITHOUT the Power Con limitations, but he is still an Extra Snakeman... Whether you keep him as an upgraded Kobra Khan, or make him a new Snakeman is up to you.

Once again, I really must thank Axel for the Foreword. It was really awesome of him to do it and now I am simply waiting for Darius to show up... (roughly in the next 1.5 weeks)

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