Jun 27, 2016

A Twilight, Sparkle of hope for the He-Man movie?

Kellan Lutz has been campaigning to be He-Man for quite some time... The oldest reference to Kellan Lutz and He-Man I could find on the House of Rants dates 2010... Well, he met up with McG to talk He-Man...

I'm freaking out right now... I Despise McG... I see him as another Bay Knock-Off. I feel like Mattel (and SONY) are trying to make He-Man fail cosmically!

On the Other Hand, I see some potential in Lutz... but only as He-Man... He's too old to play Adam, especially in an origin story.

Yes, everyone and their mothers will bring Twilight Saga as an argument against Lutz.
I'm more worried about McG...
Here's my Mantra regarding McG and the MOTU movie.

Wonder if this movie will allow us to get "MOTUC styled" versions of the movie characters as a Mattycollector only line vs the retail line for the kids...

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