Jun 22, 2016

It Came from the Toy chest: Another Poll Loser coming up! Space Randor!!

My Despara better come
with a Darius sign!
I am talking of Darius, of course. Remember Toyguru's skewed New Adventures poll? The one where Mara won?

Who is Despara!? Holy Crap! I had an error card!! So sorry that I had to open him... I'm not a MOC dude!! I had to get him out of there seeing he didn't have a massively screwed up face... There had been some figures whose face is FUBAR.

Mine had a decent face... It's only that the hair color looked too much like Fisto, so I decided to give him a slight makeover!

Stock head
Repainted head

Just used 2 shades of light brown and hwite. Now Darius Pops a bit better...
I'm talking about the tweak before I get into the review part to point it out on why YOUR DARIUS doesn't look like mine, just in case...

He's a Prototype that did not make it into an actual figure that was sold during the late 80s-early 90s Experimental era in Space... The era where He-Man wore skinny jeans and a ponytail... The New Adventures. Darius was basically the Charles Xavier of the Galactic Protectors... Hydron being Cyclops and Flipshot being Storm... kinda. Then for the Cartoon we got Master Sebrian who basically replaced Darius. This is where the Neitlichverse Bios are sorely missing. sure most of them were atrocious... Bow's bio being mostly about how he is totally NOT GAY is an example. Here's what New Matty has to say about Darius:
5 Things to Know About Darius™
AKA: Leader of the Galactic Protectors™Known For: New AdventuresPowers: Space engineering, leadership abilitiesAssociates: Hydron™, Icarius™Favorite Bumper Sticker: “My other vehicle is a starship”
Yup! It tells you NOTHING!! So, in my best SuperkamiToyguru impression here's my Darius Bio!!

Real Name: Darius Arcturus Sebrian

Son of the Planetary Councilman Sebrian, the Wise and leader of the Galactic Protector Initiative, Darius has Primus' biggest responsibility on his shoulders; to defend his people from the Space Mutants. He, with the assistance of Hydron and Icarius recruited He-Man and She-Ra for the war to save Primus from the Horde and Skeletor. More often than not, Darius would take Solo Missions to thwart the Horde, while He-Man and She-Ra tackled Skeletor and the Mutants. Once peace among Primus and Denebria was reached, Darius focused his attentions to help the Denebrians. Darius swings into action with his Electro Mace and strong sense of Justice.

So, now that we know who he is and a complementary Bio, not penned by the Guru, but by the "Destroyer of MOTUC"... Let's get cracking with the Review:

BRANDOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!! Yup! Brandon Sopinsky pulled a Ruben here. Remember the Horrible He-Man Ankles on Filmation He-Man? Brandon brought them to Darius and RUINED THE TRAP JAW FOOT!! The Added Articulation is nice, except it looks like he's wearing prosthetic feet due to the massive gap in his ankles!! The gap is only noticeable on the sides.

 He has the Bow Forearms with additional Wrist Articulation... which helps for this:

Another small issue is that due to his sculpt and semi rigid crotch cover, he cannot sit properly.
Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is pretty neat! The New parts look awesome... Those thighs could have some potential... Just need to figure out WHO could use them as well. The clever usage of Trap Jaw biceps was cool! The only thing that ruins his sculpt is the new Ankle Articulation applied wrongly.
The paint applications were nice. no slop on mine aside my custom lightening of his hair.
Removable Cape
Oversized Mega Man Helmet


4.33 for Mr. Darius. The tetherball's rope being
hard plastic kinda ruins it for me. It's good for displaying but it feels like the weight of the ball will break the cheap looking "rope". The improperly made Ankle Articulation kinda ruins his look. The Oversized Megaman Helmet looks cheap as Hell. That is why 2 heads are preferred over Removable Helmets. It makes Helmets look normal sized WITHOUT having to shrink the head.

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