Jun 25, 2016

How many MOTUC missing characters only need a new head/armor?

After discovering the possibility of Caz being Doable in MOTUC, I decided to look back on other missing characters that are only a Head and Armor (or dress) away from existing in Classics Form.

Let's find out Some of them... Because I may not figure ALL of them out! so far it seems to be A LOT!!

Remember the Episode: A Friend In Need? Well, she's from there...

As you can see here, a Classics approximation would use BP she-Ra's Skirt on the Battleground Teela Torso with the Adora forearms. The Female 1.0 legs and Adora's boots with She-Ra's feet complete the look. The only new pieces would be head and Bra...

I don't think I need to add a pic or introduction to Kayo, since he's a popular guy here at the house of rants... even if it's to be the polar opposite of You-Know-Who...(♠) but I added one just in case!
I've already mentioned that Blast Attack's Arms, Flipshot's Crotch, Hordak Abs, Geldor's shins and Snout Spout's feet give us a classicized body. All we'd need is head and Armor (and weapons)

Another One who is basically a Head and Armor. Heck We even have his weapon ready from either SLL, or the Castle Grayskull Mace.

Also, more Mini comic love!

It's not a House of Rants Random List if I don't push Songster... or Josh, or Melaktha on a list!
I've already given a recipe for him, but with the newer parts available, I can Upgrade his biceps to Eldor, worst case scenario reuse Man-E-faces Shoulders (just to have the shoulderpads there)
But he's simply new top of his outfit (cape attached to the top) and a new head. Forearms we can use Bow's or Filmation He-Man's

Yes, another Galactic Protector... Aside Artilla and Sagitar, most of these guys are super easy to do!
Look at him! We pretty much have all the pieces needed to make him.
I see Trap Jaw boots (blegh!) Sy-Klone Crotch, NA He-Man bracers on the normal body... Maybe Hordak Abs and all we need is head, armor, and weapons (The "wings" would be weapons)

Again, It wouldn't be a House of Rants list without finding a way to sneak in the Archaeologist of Eternos in... I won't bore you with the details... I already made a rant for that. But he's basically a new shirt and head. (flipshot's crotch in a worst case scenario thing.)

No, not that one, buttmunch! I mean the Space Mutant... No Simpsons reference!
All we need is the head, Armor and weapon.
Roboto Shoulders, Normal biceps, Laser He-Man Forearms and hands
NA Skeletor Thighs and Trap Jaw Lower legs and feet (blegh!). For the Extending Neck... Mekaneck.

Etherian Rebel Josh:
Oh deary My! I can't seem to find a Josh Pic!
But! He's Basically a new head! Adam Tunic, Hordak Forearms with normal hands to create a "male version" of Adora's bracers. Normal Body with Dekker Boots and Plundor's Loincloth...

Prince Dakon:
From the same Mini Comic that gave us Geldor, we have Prince Dakon... He pretty much is a New Head and Armor, seeing that his Loincloth could be Kobra Khan's Man-e-Faces, or Hydron's
The boots would be Geldor's and everything else comes from the normal body.

Another one who is rather easy to do as well... Galactic Protectors can really reuse parts!
Mostly out of the normal Buck. Blade's left thigh to give him some webgear. Geldor's shin and Blast Attack's boot complete his lower body with Flipshot's crotch. For the forearms, Laser He-Man's with NA He-Man's hands. Then he's a new head and shirt with bandolier.

Skeletor's Bone Warrior: (200X)

This one is pretty much new Head and Armor.
The Loincloth seems a bit hard, but Evil Seed's can work. Paint the vines bone colored and it helps give his body a slightly unnatural shape. Add Ceratus' lower legs with Demo-Man feet, Kobra Khan Forearms and Demo-Man Hands complete the look. a 100% New Sculpt would be welcome, but We
CAN get away with a reasonable facsimile while reusing parts.

Horde Troopers: (200X, More Organic Looking Troopers)
I know I made a rant about this many moons ago. I even made a crude drawing of them needing only a new head. But He could use a New Head and Armor. Everything else would be made out of reused parts (Horde boots, the Evil finned Arms, Geldor Loincloth, Cy-chop Belt)

Marzo's Chimera:
I often fall back on Chimera (v2) as a character with VERY LOW amount of new tooling needed. Mostly because it gives Marzo a lackey and it's a "Tooling budget saver" for Mattel. He's pretty much a new head and new shins to substitute the lack of new armor... Almost cheating, but we could use Sea Hawk's as a kind of inaccurate approximation. He's basically wearing a Demo-Man Tunic/loincloth repaint with Goatman's bracers just to reuse those suckers.

I know what you're thinking: Am I Insane!? Delora needs too many pieces to be made!?
She's a new head (2 new Hairpieces to have Hawke AND Delora), new Top and 2 clip-on wings. (count as accessories as well...) Everything else is parts reuse. Sorceress Forearms with painted Red Band (to mask the slight gap on the C-Clip for her wings) Her Crotch cover is Glimmer's, her Thighs are Entrapta's with Frosta's shins and She-Ra boots on the Fembuck 2.0

Releasing Hawke and Delora in a 2 for 1 allows for another character to have a slot that would be lost to the second Avionian Lady.

Garn: (Filmation Look)
Mentioned him a few rants before. Now with the Oo-Larr Feet, we have a closer approximation to a true Filmation Garn... But let's face it: Mattel will give him boots like they did to Nepthu. He's basically a new head and Harness... Speaking of Nepthu, he SHARES some parts with the T.U.R.D.
Biceps, Neck Piece are Nepthu's. The Loincloth and Forearms are Vikor's (They give him some personality.) The Shins are Sea Hawk's and the feet either Oo-Larr or Keldor. The Weapon would be the SLL or Castle Grayskull Mace, so there isn't too many new pieces for him...

New Head and Torso Armor on the Normal buck.
Shoulders are MEF, Biceps are Eldor's, Icarius Forearms with Demo-Man hands. For the legs we have Icatrius Crotch, Darius Thighs, Trap Jaw Shins with the Batros boot and Trap Jaw feet... I hate to reuse Trap Jaw stuff but here they work.

Then all we need is the new head and armor to complete him (and the weapon.)

New Head and Armor is all we need on him... Really.
Start with the Scaley Torso and Kobra Khan Loincloth. Add King Hssss Shoulders, normal biceps with Goatman Bracers and Demo-Man hands.
Then for the Legs go For Darius' thighs with the Trap Jaw Lower Leg and Duck Feet.

Boom! Another NA Character without breaking the Tooling Budget!

Top of my head 17 Characters...
I know two of them are army builders from 200X. If I wanted to pad this list I could have added Generic Snake Men. With the parts we already have we could make over 10 different Snakemen Requiring 2 New parts or less. Then adding Variants like NA Adam, 200X Roboto, etc. Or other army builders like generic Avionians, Andreeninds, Caligars, etc.

Point is that a little bit over 2 6-figure subs can be easily filled with characters requiring very little new tooling is possible. Classics could easily last a few more years if Mattel puts their head in the game.

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