Jun 28, 2016

Wait, there's a Worst Witch Remake?

I remember the 90s series, mostly due to my younger brother who watched it...

Listening to the intro to the show gave me goosebumps and flashbacks to a simpler time.
And there even was a 1986 Movie with Tim Curry... Yup, I'm having flashbacks again!

Well, there's a 21st Century remake coming... for the Worst Witch, not Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad...
Now, I'm guessing my younger brother would not be interested in this... Wonder if he'll kill me if I make a reference to this? OR Superhuman Samurai... Well we did joke about Matthew Lawrence every time he showed up in Boy Meets World... so there's that.

Wonder how many kids today will call it a Harry Potter rip-off...

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