Jun 29, 2016

it came from the... MYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Oh no you won't ruin my introduction you rambling boob! Only I, Skeletor, overlord of Evil will introduce myself!

Well, that's Skeletor for ya! you ARE at the House of Rants, where 50-75% of the posts are He-Man Related... or bitching about Mattel's incompetence in an exaggerated manner for comedic effect. (If Mattel didn't goof up, I wouldn't have stuff to complain about...) Every once in a while, I poke more holes in ♠'s arguments than a gold digger pokes holes in a rich old man's condom... But back to Skeletor... He really doesn't need an introduction. But here's Skeletor in a nutshell:
Evil dude wants to enter Castle Grayskull and steal its secrets. Constantly stopped by He-Man.
Since I have the Filmation He-Man, I kinda needed a Filmation Skeletor. Let's get cracking with the review!

If you have the Filmation He-Man, then you have an idea on Skeletor's articulation. Instead of a Sword/Havoc Staff aloft right hand, he gets a normal hinged right hand that can make spellcasting poses a bit better than his Classics Counterpart.
The ankles... Well here we have an issue. Apparently a mid production change in Skeletor's ankles happened. Some got the horrible He-Man ankles with the gap. Others received a fixed ankle. I'm one of the latter.

Paint and sculpt:
It's no secret that I dislike the new direction for this sub-line. This stems mostly out of the Brandon Sopinsky's half-assed effort at Filmation accuracy. Worst offender so far: Trap Jaw, which I skipped.
No blu tac or camera tricks here.
Skeletor is VERY Accurate to Filmation, save the slightly bulkier Classics buck. I mean, THAT HEAD!! Sadly, some of the problems that we had with He-Man still show up here. Like the boots being too thin and makes a "Muffin top" effect on the boots (more noticeable on the back) Another issue, minor issue, but still an issue. The purples don't match Classics Skeletor. That means you can't pop the Filmation head on the MOTUC Skeletor WITHOUT repainting the hood.

He has the Havoc Staff... for obvious reasons and a Sword from the Vintage Mini Comics... You can of course give him the sword from Lizardman, or the Ax from Plundor. But it's kind of weird getting a MINI COMICS Item from a "100% filmation" figure, on a "Exclusively filmation" sub-line. Why not a second head like the one from The Dragon's Gift. I have to complain about the Havoc staff... it's too damn tall! 3.5

Skeletor gets a 4.33 I like Skeletor much better than He-Man, but I am still underwhelmed by the Filmation half-assed line. Had they gone ALL THE WAY in making them TRULY Filmation and ignoring the pseudo compatibility with Classics (Though Skeletor fits a bit better than He-Man...) I might have been more excited for them... Again, I'll use the BTAS Batman figure analogy. TDKR Upper body on a DCUC set of legs a BTAS Batman does not make. I'm glad the ankles were fixed on Skeletor. but aside Evil Lyn, just to match Point Dreadful Teela, this whole line is a skip for me... No signs of Chokey on the Friendly Neighborhood Asian Sellers sites, so I can't get him... (TBH I want him more to make a Sebrian Custom than for keeping Chokey himself.) On the other hand the coming of Skeletor allows us to do something VERY INSANE... I mean Super duper crazy insane...
you know you want
one of these...
 a Filmation Looking FAKER!! No, not He-Man with GITD eyes... I mean a REAL FAKER!!

But if you have all three Figures (He-Man, Trap Jaw and Skeletor) you're in for a treat! Put those three boxes together and there you have a Filmation Grayskull! (I bought a second Skeletor to customize...)


Behold the Custom: filmationized Keldor... Now I need a Third Party cast of his head and reduce hair details for him to be truly Filmation!! Nah, just kidding. My Classics Keldor will be sporting the Melty Face cast from some time ago... Meaning to get a Horde Armor for him, but logistics... This Keldor will be on display if/when Snake Mtn. shows up as a statue on Evil Lyn's room.

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