Jun 7, 2016

Odds and ends June 7, 2016: Dan Aykroyd was hit by Karma.

Karma can be a bitch... Remember when Dan Aykroyd praised the GB Reboot?
Well, his body didn't like the filthy lies he wrote and gave him abdominal pains. The timing for this is absolutely hilarious.
Now all jokes aside, I hope he gets better... wait, he's remaking Blues Brothers too!?
The Guru at Power Con.

Apparently, the Neitlich is now at Jada Toys... I've never heard of them, but one Google search later, they make Cars... Toy cars... You know the kind of toys some dudebro who mocks action figure collectors would buy. I often see them at Auto Mechanics' shops. Also, the Neitlich is confirming the whole "complaints cause the end of the line." thing.

Really? CW's Supergirl will get The Man of Steel, just not Henry Cavill ON SCREEN! Do you see what this means? If Supes can make it to the TV, then we could get a better DC character on TV... If we just got rid of Gotham.

Man, Disney needs to stop Forcing Disney Channel-isms on Girl Meets World. Watched the Season 3 Premiere this past weekend. Girl Meets High School. Basically, 3 seniors force Riley and gang to "a hole". Only Riley and Maya stay in the hole, while Farkle, smackle, Lucas, and Zay try High School. Long story short it sucks on them. Then it happens that the 3 "senior bullies" were actually trying to help them keep their friendship together by making the convoluted hole thing and ruining their lives.
It felt very Disney Channel-like when it was revealed that they were trying to help them. It went worse when they showed up at Riley's house. The only GOOD thing from the 2 parter was the Augie Sub-Plot.

Axl Rose... he's sent Google a Cease and Desist letter Because of the Fat Axl Meme. Seriously, This is the same Axl who shows up late for concerts and then bitches and moans about people getting pissed at his tardiness?

All this Hullabaloo brought forth the Fat Axl Memes. A LOT of People who didn't care much for Axl have been posting more of these Due to his behavior. Not to mention that people were getting tired of Axl's Diva behavior and tardiness already. All he did is become the villain.

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