Mar 20, 2017

Super 7's silence and fandom panic...

It's been about 2 months since Super7 showed their MOTUC Offerings (Wave 1) and about a month that they showed Filmation Wave 1. Q1 is almost over and still no Preorders...
This is scaring people... I've seen a few posts on Facebook about worries regarding the line and the possibility of it losing steam... I bet the Loot Crate Snowflake is super stoked about this and finding new ways to blame me for it. 
I have to be honest... I'm a bit worried as well, BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I'm not gonna bitch or moan about it.

While, yes, it's true that SOME of the steam WAS LOST with this silence; they're still tied to Mattel on some issues... (We know how Mattel loves to drag their feet on stuff.) I still believe they'll pull through, but an update would be nice. These moments of radio silence are what allow doubts and fear to creep up... Kinda like when a girl isn't into you and instead of saying it starts ghosting you, but still contacts all of your common friends. Not saying that something like that has happened to me.

I'm not bitching and moaning, BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND Super7 is a smaller company and Mattel still has to approve everything they do before they do it. I simply wish that we RECEIVED SOME NEWS.

I mean, all this silence has made me look at other stuff... Namely, the Ranma Figuarts, the Snake that ended up being a bootleg, the Articulated Ponies... (Another review coming soon)  Amiibos, etc.

ON THE OTHER hand, the delays might be a good thing... Avoiding derp eyes and other screw ups that may happen if they rush things. But seriously, guys, a little update won't kill ya and make us believe that you still want us to be more than friends... String us along. I don't mind the friend zone if we get MOTUC...

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