Mar 23, 2017

Amy Schumer is no longer Barbie... YAY!!!

Celebrate good times, come on! What? It's known that I'm not a fan of the Schumer Barbie.
I mean, the woman is known for stealing other people's jokes... Not to mention how slutty she is.

But in any case this probably has NOTHING TO DO with Mattel's stock plummeting as Hasbro's is doing great. (Mostly due to the change of hands that the Disney License did from Mattel to Hasbro) and the Failure of Max Steel had nothing to do either.

Sure, Scheduling Conflicts... And I'm next in line to play the role of He-Man... Let's be honest here:
Amy Schumer's latest special has received a lot of bad reviews (and no, it's not just an "alt-right" attack.) There have been former fans of Schumer who have found her latest special not up to snuff.
So, she's not that Marketable anymore. Then we have Mattel not doing that well financially, that they can't afford ruining their Flagship Brand to a "SocJus" Experiment... Remember that BARBIE is the villain in the Schumer Barbie movie. Villanizing their own brand would yield no profit for Mattel.

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