Mar 30, 2017

NECA should do a TV Toyline...

Y'know how they do Aliens, Predators, Freddy Krueger, Letherface, Jason Voorhees, etc.
Or the Terminator, Rocky Balboa, Rambo, John Matrix
Well, how about if they did some of TV's greatest Action Heroes:
Of Course I'm thinking of:

Think about it... What's more 80s TV than THE A-Team?

Wait, Mezco did these a few years back... So scratch Miami Vice... Let's go MORE 80s...

Magnum!! (I know Mom would've gotten Magnum... she would've gotten Higgins too begrudgingly.)
But We can go even more 80s...Yes, you know who I'm thinking of...
Deutschlands größter Schatz, David Hasselhoff

And I'm not forgetting Patty and Selma's favorite TV Hero...

The Budget breaker would be This guy:

Think about it... We can get so many Aliens and Predators... Also, didn't NECA do Home Alone!?

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