Mar 16, 2017

Hey what the!? It's a Statue, not a real person.

Things like this is why Third Wavers aren't taken seriously.
A few days ago, this douche decided to have some tasteless and immature fun with the Defiant Girl Statue put in front of the Wall Street Bull.Feminists, of course were outraged and began spouting the usual "Rape Culture" "Patriarchy" "Off with his head" thing...

Here's the thing:


See what I mean? That was a small example after Googling "People Playing On Statues". Yes, I specifically looked for the pics of Women doing it to show that this is NOT JUST A MALE THING... This is a STUPID HUMANS IMMATURE HUMOR THING...

This is the part that Third Wavers whine about the Statues being of Adults and Douchy Mc Wall Street did it with a statue of a Little girl, so he is a pedo.

No, just no.

at a Children's store no less...

I mean, if that were true then ALL THE WOMEN HERE WOULD BE Zoophiles... OK, maybe the one with the Baby Dinosaur is the one we should truly be angry about. But where's the outrage on the bull ball grabbers?


Here we have some Pedo Women then... I mean, one of them is humping a baby!! A BABY!! For crying out loud!! If we're angry about Douchy Mc Wall Street, then we should be demanding that T-Shirt O'Baby Humper should be stoned to death!!

Child Abuse, or mocking 300?
Wasn't a Teenaged Boy sent to Juvie for doing something Similar to a statue of Jesus?

"But it's the symbolism what matters. He is oppressing women..."

Here we have a Woman Grinding on a Former Pope's Statue...
Is this some sort of Anti-Catholic Symbolism, cause if so, shouldn't they have used a little boy to grind on the statue? Or this is simply a woman being a tasteless ass and made an immature attempt at humor?

How about the girl "loving it"?
Is there some deep meaning on how McD's is raping us with their food and their prices, or is this a picture of a girl who thought: "Y'know it would be funny if I pretend to have sex with Ronald... come on! that pose he's in begs for someone to ride him!" kind of thing? Chances are that it's probably the latter.

Guy's an idiot. There's no denying that, just as most of the people on the pics here... Only Dino Lady is the true degenerate. They simply saw an opportunity for a quick joke.

Don't overthink it and try to look hidden meanings or symbolism where there is none... The simplest solution is usually the better one... and Idiots trying to be funny is the simplest solution to the question WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?

Do I agree with his actions? HELL NO! Do I think he had a long-winded thought process in order to hump the statue as an act of misogyny/sexism/oppressing women? HELL NO! Do I think he's an idiot? HELL YEAH! (I happen to think he's a douche and an ass) Does he deserve to be  get hurt,fired, arrested, possibly deported? HELL NO!

Was it crass, and/or rude? HELL YEAH! I just don't see it as a huge damnable offense... I do not see the women doing things to the statues as something damnable either... Except maybe Dinosaur Humper... Who actually rubbed her bare genitalia on the statue.

So, the whole "witch hunt" against him feels way too much overkill.

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