Mar 18, 2017

Really, Sony? You still trying to push Venom?

You haven't gotten your THIRD Spider-Man off the ground and you still want to push Venom? I thought we went through this Last year... Yup, we did...
Well, SONY wants to have a Venom movie by 2018... That's TOO EARLY for Venom. This reeks of vestiges from the "Making a Cinematic Universe out of Spidey" crap that had an Aunt May Spin-off movie.
We have the 2018 Avengers Infinity War movie... (Here we could have Pete get the Symbiote.) but then there's the 2019 Avengers movie that may or may not be Infinity War Part Deux. If Parker is with the Avengers during Infinity War and its sequel how will the Symbiote Reach Eddie Brock?

Here's what I'd do:
First you stick the Symbiote on Pete during Infinity War. He gets home to NY and does the crime fighting with his new duds... (Holland Spidey 2) Here we Introduce Eddie Brock to the picture and have him have some animosity towards Spidey and/or Peter... Flash CANNOT BE VENOM... IT HAS TO BE EDDIE BROCK! We end the Spidey movie with Brock getting the symbiote.
Then we have the Venom Movie and I already suggested what could be done. This could Put Venom out by 2020. Because seriously, we have no director, no real script, or cast and Sony wants to push this to be released October 5 2018... that's about a year and a half... Too little time... We'd get at best a Trankt4stic turd if we follow Sony's plan.

Wait, I also had bitched about this on 2013... I want to beat the stupid out of SONY so badly...
They haven't gotten Spidey out and they're trying to blow their load...

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