Mar 14, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest THE OTHER ½ of the review.

It's time to douse ourselves with cold water and let the Cursed Form of Ranma to come out of the Toy chest...

I don't think I NEED TO EXPLAIN RANMA once again... Martial artist, arranged marriage to an uncute tomboy, water changes his sex... Ryoga is a pig!! etc.

So, let's get started on Ranma's cursed form... I do have one serious drunk question... If  a dude were to fall in love with Girl Ranma and he knows about boy Ranma, the Jusenkyo curse and everything... Does that make the person gay? then there's the classic: Can Girl Ranma get Pregnant?  Or what if Hot water were to fall On Girl Ranma in the middle of intercourse?

Let's just get on with the review...


Nearly Everything Boy Ranma Does, Girl Ranma can do better... aside Toe Articulation... she lacks it. The Bicep swivel ie easier to maneuver due to the short sleeves she's wearing. At the same time I'd be more careful with her... changing hands is even scarier than with the men...

Paint and Sculpt:
There is very little paint here since the pieces are mostly molded in the appropriate colors. The painted areas show no visible slop or paint bleed. The sculpt is a bit on the simplistic side, mostly to match the source material. (No 4Horsemen level of detail here, which is good, since a Hyper-realistic Ranma toy would be scary... I know it echoes the Male Ranma segment, but it applies here as well.

If you thought Boy Ranma had stuff, let me run down what Girl Ranma has:
8 extra hands 3 extra faceplates, stand with clear arm to hold Ranma, Extra arm to hold a sound effect sign (when Akane bats Ranma into the heavens with her mallet... I lack an Akane for now), a Kettle, and a Staff and Sword.
5.0 for Ms. Saotome here.

It's easy to see WHY Ranma gets a 5.0 as an overall score. The Japanese Collector's market KNOWS IT'S GEARED TOWARDS ADULT COLLECTORS and treats their items as such. Unlike Western Companies that deliver overpriced inaccurate crap that doesn't work as a toy or as a movie prop... (Not a reference to CattyMolector's failed McFly prop).

The Next Ranma ½ figure review will be soon... but here's a hint:

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