Mar 15, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: I'm a big Hayter right now...

It actually cost me $32 and change with taxes. He had
an Extra discount. It still stings.
Remember my Kong Rant? It was the Rant before this one... Well, I got me a Bootleg Figma Snake at a comic book shop and I'm disappointed that I fell for it... $32 + taxes... Well, I have a Clone of Big Boss's clone... So, here's the Explanation on who is Solid Snake...

The Clone of The 20th Century's Greatest Soldier who has made the impossible possible. Averting 3 Nuclear Wars. (Eventually Overthrowing the Illuminati) A little bit Kurt Russell, a little bit Michael Biehn, a Little bit Christopher Walken, a Little Bit Jean Claude Van Damme and a little bit Logan (yes, I'm talking about Wolverine... Seriously, David Hayter could voice Wolverine using his Snake voice)

He NEEDS the stand to stand due to his
issues with him not having ALL of the
intended Articulation.
Theoretically, the Articulation is amazing... Execution on the Bootleg leaves a lot to be desired. The Official Figure has Adjustable eyes that the bootleg lacks. Mine has a fracture on the left shoulder that makes the arm fall off a lot. The right Elbow broke off out of the package. I glued it together for the sake of the review. Gonna have to see if the elbow is removable on the bootleg to get a replacement elbow on ebay or something. I will not force the Toes since this is a bootleg.
3.5 on the bootleg. If this was the real deal, it would have gotten a 6.0 out of 5... Seriously, ADJUSTABLE EYES...

Paint and Sculpt:
 Yikes!! The paint on this is a lot worse in person. Super sloppy... on the bootleg. The sculpt is really good, though there might be something off... not sure if it's the paintjob that makes it look off or if it's the sculpt itself. Seems to be the Paintjob based on pics from other Bootleg Snake Reviews.

Bootleg box has Bootleg Typos... "Goerment" "Califomia"
11 extra hands... (won't go through them since the joints are poor quality and I don't want to keep breaking this figure., Rifle (with blast effect... careful with it it can theoretically break the rifle... Piss poor quality from the bootleg...) Gun, 4 cigarettes... (Trust me you will lose these easily.) Extra faceplate, stand, Cardboard Box, Eye Adjusting tool (kinda pointless on this bootleg.) a Hand "Storage thingie".
5.0 for quantity and if it was the real deal then quality would've been a bit better.

This bootleg gets a 4.0 as its overall score... I got to be honest with you... AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE, REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE!!! The quality is AWFUL..., but it's mostly because it's a shoddy bootleg. The Amount of accessories tilted the scales on this toy, Do not be fooled by it!!
Based on my experience with this bootleg, I must assume that the real deal would have been amazing. Maybe I'll get one or two more to frankenstein a semi-decent bootleg Snake... Cause right now NOTHING ON THIS FIGURE IS SOLID... It's making the Hyper Brittle McFarlane Snake look good...

One More Thing, not all bootlegs come with the same stuff. Heard stories about Bootlegs coming with missing hands, weapons, Cardboard Box, etc.

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