Feb 3, 2013

Action Figure Woes: Accessories/Props

Accessories are what can make or break a figure. I've talked about this before and now I'm not going after Figure Specific Accessories. I'm talking about accessories that can be used like props. Kinda like how Jakks Pacific had a lot of accessories for the Hardcore Matches from the Attitude Era. Something that Mattel lacks due to the PG Era... (and Logistics)

The WWE Line (back when it was made by Jakks Pacific) had an extra benefit. The accessories/playsets were compatible with 6" lines... So, if you needed a Warehouse or Boiler Room Diorama, Jakks Pacific had something for you. Drumcans, warehouse backdrop, Boiler Room backdrop, Ambulance doors, breakable tables, steel chairs, pipes, Ladders, etc. You had plenty of stuff to spice up your WWE, TMNT, Marvel Legends, and/or DCUC Displays. Now you'll have to hunt for those items through third party (either Resellers or reproductions). In any case the Modern Earth toylines in 6" scale are kinda covered. The "Fantasy" toylines in 6" or 7" lack options. I remember back in the early 00s that there were some rubbery bouncing balls shaped like ROCKS!  Now Guess what toyline based on a "Barbarian"character voiced by Cam Clarke had those as props...

That is not saying "Make Props for He-Man, dammit!" Sure it WOULD be cool, but that's NOT what I'm saying. I'm asking for ANY Toy Company to make Decent Props for 6" lines.
Things like Barrels that can be used on both Modern Earth lines and Fantasy Lines. (MOTU, Street Fighter, DC, Marvel) Same thing with Crates. Energy blasts are a bit tricky though. The Young Justice display bases were a step in the right direction, but failed miserably when the sets weren't completely  compatible with each other. Since Playsets are a big no-no (aside a few exceptions) Methinks that the idea for props and smaller Dioramas shouldn't be discarded completely. I understand that not everyone poses their figures in dynamic displays and that in some cases shelf space is very limited, but a few props here and there can make a display POP!

Like say: Granamyr... He is awesome. Now add Piles of gold coins and jewels, stacks of books and maybe a bunch of weapons on the shelf used to display him. Without all that stuff you had Granamyr on a shelf. With all that stuff the shelf is now his lair.Optional backgrounds would help to cement the illusion.

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