Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Well, for those who have someone to cuddle with tonight... To those who are alone better wish a happy v-day to Rosie Palm and her five friends...

Well, here's a list of my top 5 Fictional Couples:

5- Mi Amora Cadenza and Shining Armor:
Let's get the Ponies out of the way and start with the super duper IT Pony Couple of Twilight's Brother and former foalsitter who happened to be a Princess... (Then again on Equestria they can make ANYPONY a Princess) Who are rarely shown together... (Most of the time they were seen Together, Shining Armro was with an Impostor Cadance...) that part on the parenthesis is VERY important... He couldn't distinguish the real one from the fake one... so much for true love... We also have this:

I know, he's doing it to save the Crystal Heart, but TOSSING your Wife off a Balcony seems pretty messed up!

4- April O'Neil and Casey Jones:
They've been a couple in most TMNT Continuities (Sorry Turtle/April shippers) and it's rumored that there's a Casey coming to the new TMNT... Sorry Donny!

Depending on the continuity their hardships change... Hopefully they won't choke with Mikey's Sweethearts pizza!

3- Joker and Harley Quinn:What can I say about this dysfunctional couple. Their relationship can be summed up by the following video:

2-He-Man and Teela:
What can I say... this is the weirdest love Triangle in Toy History... His secret ID kinda has feelings for her while she kinda has feelings for him and his secret ID...

Good to see He-Man actually doing something about his relationship with Teela!

1- Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson: Screw current Marvel Satanic Continuity! Peter and MJ forever!

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