Feb 7, 2013

The Iron is gone! Welcome the Cat!

I'm talking Monopoly Tokens here... The Iron was axed and now a Cat takes its place.
Here's the thing: I don't see how Changing the Iron for a Cat will make Monopoly more interesting.
Sure, some people will buy it out of novelty, but I don't really see the Importance... I find axing the Cash for Credit Cards was a bit of a bigger game changer... So, this is just a gimmick to sell more Monopoly games... It's not like Hasbro could make a Monoply: My Little Pony edition... and no they have not... There have been Transformers and  GI Joe Monopoly editions... Now those feel just as gimmicky as changing the Cat... Then again, I always bring my Spidey token to play Monopoly... from the Marvel edition of Monopoly...

Getting old in Australia seems to suck now... Blowing out Candles is a BIG no-no in Australian Schools...  Apparently Australians are afraid of germs... Something that I don't understand since Australia pretty much wants to kill you... Lot of deadly animals down under, but Germs is what they fear the most? Seriously? This has gotten out of hand... I kinda expected something like this to happen on OUR SIDE of the pond... but Australia!?

Steve... we still miss ya, mate!

Looks like the Mouse Mafia is going to start milking the heck out of Star Wars... Not only they are making VII (The Lens flare menace), VIII, and IX. Now they're going to make stand-alone spin-offs to certain characters!

Guess who is getting a movie...

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