Feb 1, 2013

Best of!? Seriously? That's just the first 10!

I got the "Best of" She-Ra disc from WalMart... just like I got the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special...

It says Best of on the cover and on the disc (though my flash obscures the heck out of it on the disc...)
  Now, I popped it on My DVD Player and Surprise! It is NOT THE BEST OF SHE-RA...
It's just the First 10 Episodes... (The 5 Episodes that make the movie Secret of the Sword, and the next 5 Episodes: 
Duel at Devlan, The Sea Hawk, The Red Knight, The Missing Ax, and Prisoners of Beast Island)
That's not the Best of... that's s1v1!! I feel ripped off!
Um... This is like the most stupid and amateur mistake I've seen... It obviously is just the first disc from the Season 1 Volume 1 set... They didn't even bothered to change the MENU for cryin' out loud!
The idea is good, but the laziness really hurts it. Good to have as a gift for someone to introduce them to She-Ra, but not the best way. If I had to rate it in a scale of 1-5 where 5 is good and one is bad... I'd say a 2.0

When you say Best of She-Ra, I expect the BEST of She-Ra... you know something like a set with:
Secret of the Sword... (this one is a given) That's 5 Episodes out of the way. This disc does NOT have that.

The Price of Freedom, Horde Prime Takes a Holiday, Sweet Bee's Home, the Stone in the Sword, Of Shadows and Skulls are some of the Best Episodes I remember from She-Ra. Coincidentally THESE are the 5 Episodes on an earlier BEST OF She-Ra release... along with Secret of the Sword.

They could have actually picked 5 episodes and have 1-2 of the previously mentioned ones... (I would've gone with Sweet Bee's Home, cause of He-Man)

Now here's a list of what I would have put on the disc aside Secret of the Sword: while not necessarily THE BEST OF... (Those were already released on that OTHER set a few years back) they're pretty good episodes
-Sweet Bee's Home: It has Frosta and He-Man, not to mention it has Sweet Bee one of the less known POP Characters...
-Flowers for Hordak: Perfuma, nuff said!
-Bow's Magical Gift: Bow being an idiot and cameos from The Star Sisters.
-When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed: Features Netossa and Spinnerella. The Holy Grail of POP toy collectors.
-My Friend, My Enemy: Mostly cause of Skeletor and Catra.

If you notice that many of these episodes feature some of the Lesser Known characters, then you ARE paying attention. The question is: WHY would I want to show a set with episodes of Lesser known POP Characters? It couldn't be to help Mattel sell some Princess of Power characters in MOTU Classics... could it? Seems like another chance that Mattel LOST to promote MOTUC... I mean, seriously... Wasn't Mattel working with Classic Media to make toys out of their cartoons and CM to make cartoons for Mattel toys or something? Using these "disposable" releases to help showcase "obscure" MOTU/POP characters that appeared on the cartoons would be nice... tossing in a blurb to promote Mattycollector as well would've been useful too! No use now...

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