Feb 11, 2013

Arrow promos... For Comic book fans or what?

Arrow... TV Show Based on DC Comic's Green Arrow. aka 2nd Rate Batman with a Robin Hood Motif... The show is pretty cool. Now here's the thing. Almost all the official Arrow Promotional Material has Stephen Amell with his shirt off as if he does the vigilante thing on his skinny pants and a quiver.

Not the best crimefighting getup.

Wait... Is he fighting crime or trying to lure teenage girls?
Are we trying to get Twihards into watching Green Arrow? This is almost as bad as Dead or Alive fanservice...

Now this is more like the type of promo you'd expect from a Superheroic Archer guy...

I mean, I was reading a so-so DC Comic about a guy who IS THE POWER!! (He doesn't have it... He IS the power now... I kid you not) and they had the ad of Ollie Queen crouching shirtless. I don't mind having the shirtless Ollie pics on Teen Beat, or Seventeen, or whatever the heck Teenage girls read, but to use the Fanservice Oliver pic on a Comic Book... That's so wrong! I'm sorry, but to sell the show on a comic book without showing Oliver in his Green  Arrow uniform is just wrong! The one place where no one would scoff at the green hood, domino mask-esque facepaint IS on a freaking Comic Book! I get it he's handsome and can bring straight female and gay male butts to the couch in order to watch the show. I'm not complaining about that. It's just that whoever is doing the promos is being lazy... or it's almost as if they're ashamed of promoting a comic book based show!

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