Feb 25, 2013

Sephiroth is Useless!!

The times I spent playing Final Fantasy VII again and again.I had to go through two Ps1 copies of the game and I got the Square rerelease of the PC game last year...(haven't beaten it due to spotty internet connection and dumbass cloud save issues)

and the conclusion I reached is that Sephiroth is the weakest and most pathetic of Final Fantasy villains. Kefka actually wins and turns the world into a twisted mess based on him. Kuja was being Garland's puppet while trying to free himself from his shackles. Ultimecia was trying to become an omnipotent goddess through TIME KOMPRESSION! Sin... that's just the tool used by Yu Yevon to keep his Zanarkand (The dream one) alive. Exdeath is an Evil Tree that gained sentience and tried to merge the two worlds that were separated and return everything to the Void... Sephiroth?

 A Mama's boy that gets killed by a low-level Shinra MP... Yeah... the great and Mighty Sephiroth felled by a low level Shinra MP... Pathetic...

Now here comes the Sephiroth planned everything and overpowered Jenova Conspiracy... Which is pretty stupid and apparently is what Square chose to use. So yes, Officially Sephiroth is "awesome and super powered" with the expansions like Advent Children, Crisis Core, etc. BUT when looking at Final Finatasy VII ON ITS OWN without the Expansions, you can see that Sephiroth is pathetic and useless.
The Real Villain of Final Fantasy VII is

J-E-N-O-V-A... Why do I say this? One Word: Reunion 

The JENOVA Reunion theory states once Jenova's cells have been separated from the main body they will eventually reunite into one again. If they are inside a host body they can influence its mind and body to join the Reunion — sometimes so extremely the host organism is killed.

With that said, Let's go to the Nibbleheim incident...

What is stored within the Nibel Reactor?Jenova
Who is a human with Jenova cells since he was an embryo?
What does the Jenova Reunion Theory states?once Jenova's cells have been separated from the main body they will eventually reunite into one again. If they are inside a host body they can influence its mind and body to join the Reunion — sometimes so extremely the host organism is killed.

So, let's see. Man full of Jenova Cells is compelled to go to where JENOVA's body "rests". Unable to take the whole thing it takes "The Head". He is wounded by the Low Level MP and dives into the Lifestream WITH Jenova's head.

Cloud gets injected with J-cells and his body reacts to them... which makes Cloud another Jenova infused human...

The events of FFVII are "sephiroth free" until Cloud and Company attack the Shinra building where JENOVA is "resting". Jenova's body is acting on its own trying to "reunite" itself.

What about Cloud and the other people experimented on?

Well, Jenova DOES release Cloud (and the others) from the Shinra prison. She then kills the President while using the Form of Sephiroth... Because Jenova can shape-shift and the most feared form for Shinra (and Cloud) IS Sephiroth. Now the Jenova is traveling the world for two reasons:
-Reunion (trying to reunite all the JENOVA beings while locating the biggest piece that is Sephiroth and the head)
-Locating the Black Materia. Due to knowledge acquired THROUGH the Lifestream, Sephiroth Learned of the Black Materia, since Jenova cannot be assimilated to the Lifestream. (something useful that the Jenova-Human hybrid did...) Since Sephiroth has Jenova cells, this is some juicy info for JENOVA...

This may seem like a dead end for the Jenova IS behind everything theory... It cannot be absorbed into the lifestream and be assimilated by it, but Jenova CAN assimilate life from the planet. The Jenova Human Hybrid seems useful again. It somehow ended where JENOVA first landed (the Northern Crater) If Jenova somehow gathers the power to summon Meteor and it hits where the planet is trying to heal itself, the wound would bring a lot of life energy for Jenova to absorb through her puppet... The Late Sephiroth... The same one thet is reforming itself on the Northern Crater (due to him not being fully assimilated by the Lifestream AND the regenerating capabilities of Jenova.) While this is happening we have the Cloud quest after "sephiroth" who "kills" Aerith... (cause it's Jenova who kills her). Jenova then manipulates the party into giving Sephiroth the black Materia and Meteor is Summoned.
when the party reaches the Crater for the last time to stop Meteor they Fight Jenova's "final form" and it "dies"... Now the largest remaining Jenova piece IS WITHIN Sephiroth. Again,Jenova is defeated. So the last remaining Large piece of Jenova is within Cloud.

Now Cloud must do battle with the Jenova within... that takes the shape of Sephiroth based on Cloud's memories and fears.

So, by looking at the game on its own, we can say that JENOVA is the villain of Final Fantasy 7.
The only things that Sephiroth did were:
-burn Nibelheim (possibly under Jenova influence)
-gather information form the Lifestream
-be a vessel for summoning Meteor and for Jenova to assimilate life on the Planet.

Things Jenova did:
-(possibly) drive Sephiroth insane leading to the Nibelheim incident
-Kill President Shinra
-slaughter the people on the Shinra ship
-Kill Tseng (expanded universe claims he was wounded not killed)
-Kill Aerith
-Shatter Cloud's mind
-Trick the party into giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth
-attempting to stop the party from aiding HOLY to save the planet from Meteor.

but Sephiroth is more marketable than Jenova...

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