Feb 19, 2013

The IC of Incredible Crew actually stands for It's Crap!

Incredible Crew is incredibly lame. I totally mean it!

Incredible Crew is Nick Cannon's attempt at a Sketch show for kids kinda like All That! or The Amanda Show... but with a slight hint of Jackass. You may have noticed that I mentioned two shows that were on nickelodeon. Well, that's cause the Incredible Crew is PERFECT for nickelodeon!
Too bad it is on the wrong Network... Seriously, whoever thought about having this show on Cartoon Network is a complete Dumbass... CARTOON NETWORK... It's in the freaking name, man! Then again, the people IN CHARGE of Cartoon Network are complete dumbasses. (Killing good shows early but greenlighting turds... like Incredible Crew)

Oh yeah! I forgot that part! Incredible Crew is the crappiest sketch show I've ever seen! It's incredibly unfunny, even if you set the standards pretty low... I laugh at farts for crying out loud... Hell! I laugh at the word Felipe... Don't ask. It just makes me laugh! So, either I have a defective funny bone, or the show is just NOT FUNNY! (I'm siding with the latter.) The jokes are almost as bad as the worst jokes you can find on a Reader's Digest... Nick Cannon is considered funny in some circles, too bad the show has NONE of that!

I tried giving it a chance and saw 2 episodes (40 minutes I'll never get back). If I have to say something POSITIVE about the show is: Incredible Crew is still better than Level Up.

then again, sucking MORE than Level up is a hard feat...

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