Feb 6, 2013

Limited Spots and Churning Important characters.

Mattel seems to have painted itself into a wall recently with Masters of the universe Classics. The Vintage Well seems to be running out and apparently the amount of subscribers for 2013 went down. Now 2014 is going to be a mostly A-list, B-List, and Original Line Z-List year... Possibly reduced slots.

Here's the issue: We have MOTU Original line (includes Horde and Snakemen), Princess of Power, New Adventures, 2002 Reboot, Powers of Grayskull, Filmation, mini comics and the New Son of He-Man era factions. We were told that New Adventures was going to be the one to sacrifice most of its Galactic Protectors and IF the line continues, we'd see them at the end. Here's my problem.
The original lines had:
around 70 Vintage MOTU figures (not counting beasts, giants, vehicles or Meteorbs)
around 22 Princess of Power figures (no horses or Clawdeen)
around 27 New Adventures (not counting Sagitar or vehicles)

Let's look at the MOTUC Released/or announced and where do they stand:
Not going to count the beasts here:
Battlecat, Panthor, Swift Wind, Gygor, Shadow Beast, GriffinTytus, Megator, or Procrustus
also, not counting: King Grayskull 2.0 (Christmas colors), Toys R Us DCUCvsMOTUC packs, 30th Anniversary Figures, or the Mo-Larr  vs Skeletor pack. Because these are repaints and not variants of said characters. BA Faker is not counted as well due to his TRU 2 pack status.

001)King Grayskull: MYP
002)He-Man: MOTUV
003)Beastman: MOTUV
004)Skeletor: MOTUV
005)Stratos: MOTUV
006)Faker: MOTUV
007)Merman: MOTUV
009)Hordak: MOTUV
010)Man-at-Arms: MOTUV

011)He-Ro: POG
012)Tri-Klops: MOTUV
013)Webstor: MOTUV
014)Teela: MOTUV
015)Zodak: MYP
016)Scareglow: MOTUV
017)Goddess: 80s Mini Comics
018)King Randor: MOTUV
019)Adora: Filmation PrOfPw
020)Battle Armor He-Man: MOTUV
021)Trap Jaw: MOTUV
022)Mossman: MOTUV
023)Evil Lyn: MOTUV
024)Wun-Dar: 80s Legend/Rumor
025)Optikk: NewAdv

026)She-Ra: POP
027)Keldor: MYP
028)Count Marzo: MYP

029)Orko: MOTUV
030)Prince Adam: MOTUV
031)Whiplash: MOTUV
032)Chief Carnivus: MYP

033)Roboto: MOTUV
034)Grizzlor: MOTUV
035)Buzz-Off: MOTUV
036, 037)Palace Guards: Filmation MOTU
038)Vikor: Concept
039)Bow: POP

040)Preternia Disguise He-Man: 80s Mini comics
041)King Hssss: MOTUV
042)Battle Armor Skeletor: MOTUV
043)Sy-Klone: MOTUV
044)Catra: POP

045)Faceless One: MYP
046)Battleground Teela: 80s DC Comic
047)Clawful: MOTUV
048)Cringer: Filmation MOTU
049)Marlena: Filmation MOTU
050)Man-e-Faces: MOTUV
051)Leech: MOTUV
052)Hurricane Hordak: MOTUV
053)Icarius: NewAdv054)Snout Spout: MOTUV
055)Bubble Power She-Ra: POP
056)Demo-Man: Concept
057)Battleground Evil-Lyn: MYP inspired lazy repaint 

058)Starla: FilmationPrOfPw
059)Tallstar: FilmationPrOfPw
060)Jewelstar: FilmationPrOfPw
061)Sorceress: MOTUV
062)Fisto: MOTUV

063)Shadow Weaver: Filmation PrOfPw
064)Kobra Khan: MOTUV
065)Thunderpunch He-Man: MOTUV
066)Stinkor: MOTUV
067)Slush Head: NewAdv
068)Horde Prime: Filmation PrOfPw
069)Snake Man-at-Arms: MYP
070)Spikor: MOTUV
071)Vykron: Concept
072)Mekaneck: MOTUV
073)Dragon Blaster Skeletor: MOTUV
074, 075)Snakemen pack: MYP
076)Frosta: POP
077)Rattlor: MOTUV
078)Dekker: MYP
079)Randor: Filmation MOTU
080)Mosquitor: MOTUV
081)Netossa: POP
082)Ram Man: MOTUV
083)Jitsu: MOTUV
084)Fang Man: Filmation MOTU
085)Dawg-o-tor: 80s Model kit
086)Shield Maiden: 80s Model Kit
087)Dittsroyer: 80s Model Kit
088)Snake Face: MOTUV
089)King He-Man: SOH
090)Karatti: NewAdv
091)Octavia: Filmation PrOfPw
092)Clamp Champ: MOTUV
093)He-Man: NewAdv
*UPDATED! Due to NYTF Leak!*
094)Mantenna: MOTUV
095) Icer: Filmation MOTU
096)Batros: Filmation MOTU
097) Shokoti: Filmation MOTU
098) Castaspella: POP

OK, so let's see: 98 Figures without the TRU Repaints, Santa KG, Toothless Skeletor, the 6 Anniversary figs, or the beasts and giants.
47 of those are from the Vintage MOTU toyline
7 are Princess Of Power toyline
5 are from the New Adventures of He-Man Toyline
11 are from the MYP Cartoon
16 are Filmation (Although Mattel uses the Styleguide as an excuse for some)
1 from the Son of He-Man failed project.
2 from the 80s Mini comics
1 from DC Comics
1 Legend/Rumor from the 80s
3 from the Model Kits
3 Concepts
1 Powers of Grayskull

Let's see if you see what I see. Out of 70 Normal figures that are not Meteorbs, Creatures, and giants, etc. From the Original Vintage Line we have 46 in Classics: 23 remaining
From PoP we have 6 out of 22: 15 remaining
From NA we have 5 out of 27: 22 remaining.

The problem is that The Original MOTU Line is the biggest and Mattel relied too much on it and went through it too fast. Meanwhile POP and NA are lacking CORE Characters...

We still have a few spots left... Now the amount of figures leaked throws a wrench in my plan... We need to see what's going on, but here's a list of characters that can round up teams and are very Important (and Geldor who was announced but not revealed)

MOTUV (Toyline):
01)Two-Bad: Last of the Evil Warriors that actually HAD TV appearances in both Filmation and MYP.
02,03)Horde Trooper(s): Hordak's own army builder.
04)Tunglashor: completes the Snakemen
05)Ssssqueeezzzze: Completes the Snakemen
06)Eldor: Completes POG

POP (toyline):
07) Glimmer: Leader of the Great Rebellion.
08) Angella: complete core Rebels
09) Kowl: Bow needs his better half
10) Mermista: to complete core rebels
11) Spinnerella: We have Netossa, so we need her partner
12)Entrapta: Completes the Vintage Toy Horde from POP

New Adventures (toyline)
13)Hydron: We have Flipshot/Icarius, so we need him, and we need a non-He-Man galactic Protector
14) Flogg: The Mutants need their Leader
15) NA Skeletor: We have NA He-Man, and this version showed up on the Mini-Comic

Misc. (filmation, MYP, Mini-comics, etc):
16) Madame Razz: Since Light Hope seems highly improbable, we need the other one who knows Adora's secret.
17) Geldor: He won the fan pick contest and is a mini-comics characters...
18)Scorpia: completes the cartoon Horde
19)Crita: The New Adventures counterpart to Evil Lyn.

(removed Mantenna, Castaspella and Shokoti from this list due to them being leaked)

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The worst part is that we SHOULD have had the entire list of characters I filed under NA, 3-4 of the ones I have on the POP TOYLINE section
now with this whole line ending in 2013 scare coming from Mattel we may not have any of the core teams completed except the Heroic Warriors who finish first with Ram Man coming this month...

To make matters worse we have fans begging for Bottom of the Barrel Filmation stuff like Plundor, or Chef Allen... Chef Allen? Seriously? I kinda get the appeal for Plundor or Nepthu... Heck! I can even see how they can expand the story a little bit... (also these two would require very little new tooling) Chef Allen is a dead end in all sense of the word. Nearly 100% new tooling that can't be reused on other characters... He's a chef... there's nothing action-figure-worthy about that... on a line of barbarians, robots, dragons and monsters... Right now we NEED to get as many of the core characters as possible... If the line survives AFTER the CORE teams are completed, we can then get the rest. It would be a shame if the line ends and we don't get Glimmer, or Hydron, but we have Vykron... Had Mattel divided the rosters more evenly, the line could have ended and be awesome. Right now the only thing Mattel has done is pit fan against fan while we're fighting for limited character slots that will most likely be filled by Neitlich's favorites...

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