Feb 4, 2013

Filmation is it that Important?


There is a reason why many associate it with Masters of the Universe.
The question is WHY do people hold on to the Filmation canon, almost as if it was some sort of religion? The answer is very simple. Filmation WAS pretty much THE MOTU CANON. Mattel had a canon that they quickly discarded for Filmation's Canon. The same thing can be said for the books, comics etc.

When the 200X Reboot came by, it had nods to Filmation and it was pretty much based on Filmation. The 200X Comics tried to make this universe work with the Filmation and 200X Canon...

Any Iteration of Masters of the Universe seems to need to prove itself against the Filmation canon. The Live Action 87' movie was not as successful since it was mostly based on the Pre-Filmation canon. I am not taking a jab against Pre-Filmation stuff... just stating my point.

If Filmation wasn't such a big deal, then the whole insanity of getting the rights to make Filmation Characters like Shadow Weaver would not have happened.

Is Filmation the best Canon? No. It is not, but it was the one that put Masters of the Universe on the Spotlight and made MOTU BIGGER! Again, Mattel did not force Filmation to use the already made canon from the Mini Comics.... Two sword halves and all that... Can't fight Filmation since Mattel embraced the Canon. To answer my own question, yes, Filmation IS THAT Important.

In nearly 30 years we've only had one real Canon and that is Filmation. The reboots, sequels, etc. still look at it for source Material... Unlike Hasbro's toys whose canon gets rebooted every 3-5 years. MOTU basically bowed down to Filmation.

The thing is that they don't NEED to bow down to Filmation. They CHOOSE to bow down to Filmation... for Nostalgia. The other option is do something completely different that it doesn't resemble past stuff at all... They tried that for New Adventures and yet the first episode was full of nods to Filmation... The same way now GI Joe cannot get rid of Cobra... when they do... It becomes a giant turd...

Any new MOTU Canon needs to be compelling enough to bring fans AND be respectful of past continuities for it to work. DC's canon is doing things to MOTU that are M.Night Shyamalan-esque. Before I take the pitchforks I'll see how it plays out...

Apparently THIS is the Leitmotif of Evil! I don't think it's a great idea (reeks of big-ass event to buy comics), but I'm hoping for another surprise... hopefully it doesn't involve gimps or crappy blue knights.

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