Feb 22, 2013

PS4 is coming

It's coming... The Fourth Playstation... I have a bad feeling about it.

Why? The Cloud Centric thing... Call me old fashioned but I'd rather have Physical copies of games than digital downloads. This reads as "Rebuy the old digital copies of games that you previously owned... AGAIN!!" The PS go sucked for that same reason (having to rebuy digital copies of your UMDs...) Now if you bought say, final fantasy Tactics through PSN for your PS3... Guess what game you have to rebuy for PS4?

Also all this no loading times thing play as the game downloads and the console updating on its own even when turned off creeps me out a bit... well the it updating on its own while turned off kinda means that it's NOT TRULY TURNED OFF and it's using power and consuming bandwith as I do not use the console.

and all of this emphasis in online stuff... Cloud gaming, virtual "passing the gamepad along" where other folks can play parts of your game or give you hints while you play... If you have limited bandwith or a spotty connection? PS4 is not for you. Now you can share videos or snapshots on Facebook with the touch of a button...

Streaming games into the PS Vita  and not blocking used games does sound a bit cool...

Now suggesting you what games you should buy next is borderline creepy... 

How can I trust Cloud to save games when he can't even

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