Feb 10, 2013

Toyfair has brought some great news Everypony!

Marvel Legends will release a Jim Lee 90s Jean Grey... What does this mean?

We're a Jubilee (and a Hover Chair for Charles Xavier) short of having the Full roster of the cartoon! FINALLY!! We get a FREAKING JEAN GREY!!

Judging by the Title, you must've known that I will talk ponies... Yes, I will, but before that I must talk Mattel

Mayor West in his youth!
Mayor West's car...
There are some pics of the Riddler and Penguin floating around... Still no signs of Catwoman, Joker, Batgirl or Robin and his massive package...

Now we talk Ponies... Blind bag scale ponies are getting some stuff like Celestia, Queen Chrissalys, True Fluttershy (not RD painted in Fluttershy colors) STEVEN MAGNET!

but that's not all... there is a Nightmaremoonzilla coming AND another TRU set... seems it comes with Nightmare moon again... UPDATE! they reused the Nightmare Moon buck but it's Queen Chrysalis... 

Diamond Tiara, Lyra, Shining Armor, Cadance, somepony I don't recognize, and last but not least...

My reaction to this can be described as

Also the Princess Sparkle toys are real

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