Feb 1, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Oh the Inhumanity!

I don't care about the Inhumans, other than Crystal who had a thing for Johnny Storm, but chose Quicksilver over Torch. But Crystal is NOT one of the Inhumans I got.
I have the King and the Queen... (Insert clucking noises) Do you have any idea how racist would've been if I had used any Ugandan Knuckles reference on the Black Panther review?
So, Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans and Really long prehensile hair... Then Blackbolt whose voice can break things... Like entire cities if he utters a single sound. Both have crossed paths with Muties and the 4... Which is a good thing that Disney owns Fox...
I am Cornholio!

Medusa is on a female buck similar to Phoenix or Rogue. The heavy weight of her hair limits her head Articulation, but the heavy hair can act as an extra leg if needed.

Blackbolt has normal male Articulation minus the butterfly wing Pecs. Many poses are undoable since his wings would look awkward if  posed incorrectly. So he's reduced to be stuck in the Cornholio pose.
Medusa: 4.5
Blackbolt: 3.5

Paint and Sculpt:
Like I said, both are in plain bucks, but Blackbolt got a bit of more love than Medusa.
Medusa's unique parts are head and maybe belt.
Blackbolt has heads, forearms and biceps as his unique pieces.
Paint wise, Medusa has a few areas of metallic burgundy and some shading on her hair.
Blackbolt on the other hand has silver accents on his outfit and some screaming blue energy on his speaking head.
Medusa: 3.5 Blackbolt: 4.0

Medusa has nothing. Blackbolt has a BAF Piece and a silent head.
Medusa: n/a Blackbolt: 1.0

Medusa gets a 3.0 (after substracting a point for having nothing) Blackbolt gets a 2.83 as his final score... If I wasn't interested in completing Okoye, I wouldn't have gotten Blackbolt. Without Blackbolt, I wouldn't have gotten Medusa. Feeling meh, for the Inhumans... Both in MCU and in toy form...

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