Feb 19, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest... Why do you ask me if I'm OK just to hit me!?

I guess I better explain the reference...

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters series had a D-Arts figure released many years ago. The only figure from the King of Fighters line. Terry is my favorite KoF Character. Well, he's my favorite SNK Character, period.
Fun fact: 3 OVAs based on Fatal Fury were released in the US and Caz from New Adventures of He-Man plays Terry Bogard.

So, Terry Bogard D-Arts figure... Let's get this out of the bat... The D stands for disappointment.

Theoretically speaking Terry is well articulated... Aside a lack of bicep swivel or an Hasbro elbow substitute, he can do many poses... Problem is that he can barely stand. I had to cheat with Blu tac for the review. Attempting to have him stand without the Blu tac made him fall and I lost a tiny plug that goes in his butt. I'll explain later.
His left foot is almost frozen in place due to his left pant leg getting in de wae. But on the other hand, he can pull off most of his moves... Some require stands, not included. (Burn Knuckle, Rising Taco, Crack Shoe)
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt on Terry is decent. He looks a bit more cartoony than I'd like, but he's very Terry-like. The paint is decent. There's shading and accents and he looks incredibly nice!

2 extra heads
Extra ponytail
7 extra hands, one with duffel bag.
Power wave effect
Power Geyser effect
2 piece Burn Knuckle effect
Butt-plug for Figma stands. ( If you remove a tab in his butt, you can connect a new tab with a plug to use the Figma stands without clamps)
4.0 Now you're asking, why the lower score, because figures that come with less have gotten a better rating.

And the answer is quite obvious... He needed an extra head with hair for the capless poses.

Terry gets a 3.83 as his final score. I'm pissed at myself for losing that flap. Terry fell behind my entertainment center and that is the land of the lost. The limited articulation and lack of obvious accessories hurt his score a bit. I'm not getting the KOF Figma, because for the price of Flimsy Figma I can get a Hefty Storm Collectibles figure. Had this figure been say, Kyo Kusanagi or Ryo Sakazaki, I wouldn't have looked in their direction. I kinda regret getting him without looking at reviews before buying, but I now have a Terry Bogard.

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