Feb 2, 2018

Bad news, True Believers...

Spider-Man co-creator, Stan Lee is in the Hospital. Recently, he was seen wheelchair bound at the Black Panther premiere.

This scares me, because the man is 95-ish. He literally is like super close to meeting the Reaper... Well, we all get closer every second that passes... And sometimes, the Reaper goes for beauty before age... But, back on topic. Stan's really old. He lost his wife, he seems to be getting more frail, and if the accusations are true, then he's running with a few cards shy of a full deck.
While, yes, I've made a couple of Pervy Stan jokes, right now I'm not joking.

If you believe in a higher power pray for Stan Lee. I wish he could stay around much longer, but if it's his time to go, I wish for him to go peacefully. I'm not sure what's going to happen to Stan, but I'm already crying... Losing Stan hurts almost as much as it did when Lou Scheimer died. Stan Lee touched me as a child... Not in that way... But in a way that he ingrained in me the idea of With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. And I KNOW IT WILL HURT WHEN THE TIME COMES...

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