Feb 13, 2018

Pre-Valentine's Day odds and ends... 2018

Boop, boop, beep, boop! And if you thought of calling Kim Possible, well, Disney is doing that... For a DCOM Live action KP movie!!
Yes, Kim Possible Live action... I expect a bad CGI freaky thing... The whole DCOM thing scares me. Since Disney Channel movies tend to be miss or hit, more misses than hits... Especially if said movies are action movies.

The second bit of KP LA news is that Riverdale fans are trying to get Madeline Petsch to play Kim.
I, don't see her as Kim... She looks like a pint size Jessica Rabbit. I see someone more like Bella Thorne as Kim. Petsch has this mini Bombshell vibe to her, while Thorne is more of a sporty, bit more average vibe to her, which is more in line with KP...
But if we're looking for a Ron, Corey Foglemanis would be a nice choice...

Don't bother with Fiddy Shades Freed. It's bad and wrong. It's badong. Yes, I saw it. Grey marries Anesthesia Steele and they have boring conversations, boring sex, lather, rinse, repeat. There is a plot about Jack trying to hurt Grey by hurting Anesthesia, but the movie forgets about it half the time. His motivation is rather contrived and forced. He was on the same foster care as Grey and wasn't adopted, so he swore revenge.

Lord Masque got an official bio by Super7. A recent .org interview revealed the writers of the new bios and some explanations on some of the choices made. I admit that I'm not sold on some of the choices made: Mass revival while keeping the Neitlichverse intact, or rejuvenating He-Man.
Dammit, Bio! Why don't you suck!? It's hard to mock the bios if they're good! While, I miss the real names (mostly for mockery reasons) this bio is about Masque, recaps his Filmation appearance, and has ties to other eras by being ancient, having a mask stolen from Eldor and teaching Count Marzo the ways of the Magical. (Bonus tidbit, Melaktha has a TM... Could it be?)
The bios still have a little Neitlichian feel to it, since the writers are trying to keep the style similar to that of Neitlich, but done a bit better. I will discuss them as they pop up. While the wave 1 bios are around (and on the character guide) I won't discuss them until my figures arrive.


  1. the last sentence isn't that good, it's really hurried like mine are!

    1. I was trying to catch that Guru feel from the bios...