Feb 11, 2018

Saw Sharknado 4 & 5...

And I'm confused as hell. I get the Hoff being in them, Tony Hawk was a weird cameo, as well as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Billy Ray Cyrus, or Nichelle Nichols... Heck even Charo being a cameo is understandable... But when Dolph Lundgren's cameo is the set up for a SIXTH SHARKNADO MOVIE that's when I say: Dude, you've gone far enough...
You have gone too far SHARKNADO films!
Do you even know what this means? You can't cheap out with Tara Reid pretending to be badass. Now you have a bona fide action movie star and SHARKNADO 6 better deliver. I had to suck on a Geraldo cameo and the VH1 reject from Flavor of love that got her own spin-off cameo here... You brought The Punisher, Ivan Drago, He-Man himself... Sharknado 6 better kick all sorts of asses now. You upped the ante way too much now.
Now I wanna see Dolph kick some shark ass...

The last two feel very lazy and forced some awkward set pieces in order to deliver a one liner referencing a much better movie... But SHARKNADO!!!

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