Feb 6, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Snoochie Boochies

As you can guess by the reference in the title, I'm doing Jay and Silent Bob. Not in that way, you perv! I mean the Diamond Select Mallrats figures of Jay and Silent Bob.
Who are Jay and Silent Bob? Two drug dealers from the mind of Kevin Smith (who plays Silent Bob)... The guy that wrote an anti-rape PSA comic starring Black Cat but it was not finished on time and it had an overly long cliffhanger that the pay off sputtered. He also complained about fans and told them to get laid. So, where was I? Jay and Silent Bob. These are the Mallrats versions of them. So, the stuff they come with is based on that movie.

I am highly disappointed here. They Have decent amount of Articulation, but the rigid long shirts on both block the leg Articulation and the pants block the double joint knees... Sad
3.5 for both.

Paint and Sculpt:
They look like they should, though Silent Bob has the better likeness to his actor. The only gripes I have is that the shirt Jay wore in the movie had a design that could not be replicated due to copyright and they left his shirt plain black. He looks a bit plain because of that.
4.5 Jay 5.0 Silent Bob

Jay has a sock full of quarters, the bat, extra hand, plans to knock out LaFours.
Silent Bob has an extra hand for the Grappling Hook gun, Grappling Hook, extra hand for holding the gun, the cassette tape, a toy truck, wire citters.
He can barely hold the cassette, and the grappling hook gun, and Grappling Hook. The wire cutters and the truck cannot be held by the figure.

Jay gets a 3.83 and Silent Bob gets a 3.83!? I can't believe it! I know the review feels a bit lackluster, but after opening them and finding the Articulation issues kinda knocked the inspiration out of me. I could  see some potential if I were to pose them with other Figures in 7 inch scale.

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