Feb 1, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Two Illuminati confirmed

Speedo Namor and Tony Stank.
I've already covered Submariner before and commented that I've been dying to have a Speedo Namor version, which now I have.

Ironman, well... Industrialist, captured by terrorists, shrapnel near heart, armor is needed to survive, becomes superhero and creates the Avengers... Is also a massive dick to people.

Standard ML fare for them, minus the butterfly Pecs. Sadly, the thighs on Namor limit his Articulation a little bit and some swimming poses can't be achieved that well. Tony is a bit better Articulated than I expected, but is still very stiff.
Namor: 4.5 Tony: 4.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Namor is on a "naked buck" with the shins, crotch, forearms, and head being the "character specific" parts.
The gold's are a "metallic yellow" while his Speedo is metallic green. Very minimalistic, bit effective.
Tony's armor, I don't know... Mostly because I don't follow all the armors. Not sure if it's from the comics or a Black Panther cameo. This armor is giving me a bit of a Samus Aran vibe to it.
The gold's are a bit more golden than Namor's but look like metallic yellow. Very full. The reds seem to have a candy apple finish, which make him pop. But somehow it manages to feel underpainted...
Namor:4.5  Tony:4.0

Only Namor came with a BAF piece. He then has the Trident, extra bearded head, and a pair of swimming hands.

Tony has a Blaster, extra hands, two repulsor blasts and each is in two pieces. If you remove one of the pieces, they also function as jet boot propulsion effect.
Namor: 4.0 Tony: 5.0 

Namor gets a 4.33 Tony gets a 4.33 and their failings are for different reasons, but their plusses managed to compensate. The versatility of the blast effects helped Tony compensate for his Articulation. The cool Sculpt on Namor compensated the lack of accesories... Dude really needs a stand for swimming.

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