Feb 2, 2018

Sore wa omocha no mune kara kita Gouki-sama

And before Gouki-sama attempts to challenge me into combat... I'll use the ultimate technique from the Saotome School of Anything goes Martial Arts.

So, Gouki-sama, the Man who has forsaken everything in order to become a true Master of Ansatsuken...
Now he sports a Lion King inspired mane... Which makes him look ridiculous, but that's the V-look...

Literally the same as Ryu and Ken. His body might be Bigger, but he's built like a shoto...
The head Articulation is obviously limited. Other than that, he can pull off most of his fan favorite poses.
Paint and Sculpt:
His sculpting is brand new. Somewhat similar to Ryu and Ken, but bigger. The bushy hair is ridiculously accurate to the source material... The paint jobs are excellent on the figure and make him pop in a good way.

2 extra faceplates
6 extra hands
2 dark hadou effects
1 gouhadoken
Prayer beads
SFV stand
Hadoken stand
Alternate Gi

Gouki-sama gets a Perfect Score of 5.0 due to his nearly perfect nature. While I'd personally prefer a SFII or SFIII look for him, this is a badass figure...
Not only that, but he's very photogenic. If he had gotten a second Classic head, now that would've been amazing...

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