Feb 5, 2018

It Kame from the Toy Chest: MOTU KOMBAT!!!

Damn you Funko! First the GOT figures, then the POPs, now the faux Vintage MOTU inspired Kombatants? I draw the line at Dorbz... No need for butt-plug looking toys.
 But I ended up getting all 5. The Raiden Chase Variant was there but I didn't want an half translucent Raiden so I went for the normal version.
I still can't believe that I bought them. I've made my disdain for faux Vintage items very clear... But the MOTUness of the figures won me over...
That is until I opened them. That's where the magic ended... Once out of the package, the MOTU imitation effect begins to fade... The Playmates Vintage TMNT feel begins to take it's place. You almost thought that this was going to turn for the bad? So did I. The "vintageness" of these toys feels like a hybrid of MOTU and TMNT. How is that? Well, if These figures had TRULY FOLLOWED THE VINTAGE MOTU style, Scorpion and Sub-Zero would've been repaints. They would've gotten Cloth parts. Tunic, masks. Liu Kang and Kitana would've received a massive haircut or their hair would've been rooted. Raiden's hat would've been removable and his tunic would've been made out of cloth. Also, their legs aren't wobbly as vintage MOTU. They are more in line with Playmates.
Don't expect modern levels of articulation here. Head, shoulders, waist, legs. 6 POA...
Which is NORMAL for a vintage non-Joe line. I kinda wish that they had the twist punch action.
3.5 for a vintage styled toy.

Paint and Sculpt:
The MKX Character models have been Vintagized well. Softened details, brighter colors. The style seems like a Hybrid of MOTU and Playmates toys. They're a bit underdetailed for Playmates but a bit hyperdetailed for MOTU. No washes to higjlhigh textures, for that is a late 90s thing. Sadly some of the Sculpt is not following 80s conventions. I mentioned that above.
5.0 for a vintage styled toy.

Here I will rate each character individually.
Scorpion: 2 Katana.  2.5
Sub-Zero: 2 ice weapons 3.5
Raiden: 2 clip-on lightning bolt effects. 3.5
Kitana: 2 Fans 4.5
Liu Kang: Zip, Zilch, Nada, the big G00se egg. 1.0

Scorpion 3.66
Sub-Zero 4.0
Raiden 4.0
Kitana 4.16
Liu Kang  3.16
The score differences rely on the accesories. No "Get over here!" Kunai for Scorpion is almost blasphemous. Liu Kang having nothing is really bad. Not even a flame effect to simulate his fireball attacks feels wrong!
These figures are a nice NOVELTY ITEM. If they make Johnny Cage, Sonya, Mileena, and Kano, I'd buy them... Especially Johnny Cage.
I guess that I'm not a fan of the Kenner style, but that Mattel/Playmates style can win me over.

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