Feb 21, 2018

Odds and ends Feb 21 2018, Creed II with He-Man Drago Jr...

Before I go on a Creed II will be an exciting thing due to having Adonis Creed meeting the man who killed Apollo...

I want to thank my loyal readers, who have stuck through thick and thin... Especially those of you who have taken time to point out inaccuracies for me to correct, or who simply have commented... It makes me feel nice that my ramblings have touched you... Not in that way... Unless you're female, early 20s and look like a 20-something clone of Kelly Kapowski or Mary Jane Watson...
Where was I? Creed II
The idea of Creed Jr. Fighting the son of Drago is an exciting one. We don't know if Drago has changed after all these years. Will he attempt an apology for Killing Apollo? Or is he more "machine than Man"?
How was Drago Jr trained? Was he engineered as well, or did he do things naturally and even grew a beard?

The way they're going kinda scares me. We're jumping to Rocky IV without reaching II or III... Also, at some point Mick died and was replaced by Apollo... If Rocky is the new Mick? Will Clubber Lang replace him? It would be interesting to see Lang on a mentor role as a "good guy" instead of the antagonist. They can't use Tommy Gunn for obvious reasons and I'm not too sure on using Mason Dixon, since he's not "iconic enough" as a Rocky "villain". Not to mention that there's NO WAY to have Apollo back.

Fergie messed up the Star Spangled Banner so bad... How bad was it? Well, the memes and public apology kinda show that it was bad... I mean the performance was so bad... You can't make the Star Spangled Banner sexy... Unless you play it to Guile or Captain America. She sounded like a drunk mom trying to seduce her son's best friend who recently enlisted. You can see in slow mo the moment she reached her climax if you look carefully. Hell, even the players couldn't keep a straight face. I even forgot what game it was... I think Magikarp James was in it or something.

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