Feb 11, 2018

Actiom figure woes: Toy swapping sucks and you should be ashamed of it if you do.

In fact, there should be a special circle in Hell for those who do.

Stealing toys is wrong, no matter how you slice it. But if it was that simple just stealing the toy... No, stealing the toy, the BAF piece AND THEN REPLACING THWM WOTH A DOFFERENT TOY, that REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS!!!

The other day I saw this at a KMart...Yes, I shop at KMart. Being very near to one at work and living very close to another kinda makes it easy for me to stop there.

But it seems I'm not the only. Collector in the area. There seems to be a douchebag who is buying figures, swapping them out and returning Abominations such as the Sharpied Drax above.
That's Supposed to be Killmonger...
Going all the way and Sharpieng Drax is a massive dick move. Time consuming and mostly pointless. I notified a supervisor at the CS about this abomination among others... Seriously, the CS reps already roll their eyes when they see me going towards them with a toy in hand. (Some managers as well) I'm trying to help them to reduce shrinkage in some areas... (No pun intended).

Well, seems that these douches have been hitting the Collectibles section and this was the result:
Now they're Spider wrapping adult Collectibles to prevent theft... Thank you asshole thieves for making it harder for MOC collectors...

But Nefty, you're a loose collector...

Yes, I am, but the spider wraps can harm boxes and that's a no-no for MOC Collectors.

Isn't that kinda your fault for tattling on the swapped toys?

Not my fault at all. Picture it mid-2017 and there are a few Headmaster Soundwave figures available. For a Soundwave fan this is good news. You pick the figure and realize that his headmaster was stolen. You can't use Soundwave as intended. Same thing with the only Optimus Prime there.
Or finding the Juggernaut wave Wolverine WITHOUT THE BAF PIECE. It sucks, amirite?

I get it, it kinda sucks having to buy figures you don't want for the BAF. (Michael Keaton, I'm talking about you) but stealing parts of the toy is an even bigger dick move.

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