Feb 5, 2018

Odds and ends Feb 5 2018: The Patriots fell.

I didn't know that John Cygan, voice of Solidus Snake had died.

I was going to make a Solidus Meme about The Patriots losing when I found out... In any case, the Patriots lost... But we don't care about

Here at the House of Rants... We care about commercials shown on the Big Game.
Things like:

Which feels very Star Wars... And not the whole ACE VENTURA IN SPACE that was rumored. In any case, it caught my interest.

What would you say to Die Hard if it was remade with The Rock...

Wait! I'm not done yet! Now he's an amputee!

Yup! The movie is called Skyscraper... And you can't write SkysCRAPer without Crap... Which is what I expect the movie to be.

How long until the SocJus Whiners complain about not using a real amputee for the movie?

But Spring is coming and soon the Blockbusters will come afterwards... Infinity War, Solo and a bunch of movies are coming!!!

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