Jul 20, 2019

Hasbro owned SDCC

NECA started good with their TMNT stuff.
Mattel was underwhelming on the MOTU area... but they are gonna make a DCUC Alfred... I meam a DC Multiverse Alfred that apperently will have:
Comic book Alfred Head, 1966 Alfred Head, 1989 Alfred head...

Super7 is Super disappointing. No MOTU, no TMNT, supposedly, they have THUNDERCATS, but nothing to show.

But Hasbro... Tons of Power Rangers stuff...

You know I'm a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan, so these 3 are the only ones I care about.

But on the Marvel side... prepare your anus!

My wallet has committed sudoku 27 times already. Where to even begin? 90s Havok and Polaris, bone claw Wolverine Jim Lee Cyclops with bomber jacket 90s cartoon Jean Grey... classic Vulture, Nate Grey the Age of Apocalypse counterpart of Cable, a Strong Guy build a figure, Shang Chi, freaking Squirrel Girl!! Hit monkey and a Deadpool that looks like perfect custom father for Arcade, Walgreens Has a Dani Moonstar that triples as a Wolfsbane and a Karma but so that means triple dipping on figures. (That is if Walgreens gets to move all the Magiks clogging pegs) DOCTOR FREAKING DOOM!! And there is another and game wave that has The Big Thorbowsky build a figure.
I know he technically should be called the dude but that's the nickname he's got in on the interwebs.

That's just part of the new stuff remember that we have still some items that are beginning to show up like the whole Boomerang too bad the Colossus Juggernaut too bad the upcoming vintage X-Men wave Etc...

Seriously Hospital knocked it out of the park...

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