Jul 20, 2019

The Masters of the WWE Universe are crap: the rant.

Yes, you read that right. And no this is not about methyl using the oranges bodies instead of classics. I'm going to explain why I'm calling them crap.
This is The New Day figure... can you notice something a little peculiar? They made them into Man-E-Faces... but still they look like a member of the new day.

I know what you're thinking:
But Nefty didn't you say in a previous rant that you wanted to mutate some of the wrestler is to reflect their Persona as a bit better to fit in Eternia. 

Yes I did, but they are doing it wrong. There characters that aren't even being put three master's of the Universe filter you basically take out some of the armor bits and surprises a normal WWE figures. They should first and foremost look like Masters of the Universe figures that are recreating the WWE Superstar looks.

Also why does the new day get the Man-E-Faces gimmick when you have Mick Foley?
Think about it one faces mankind one face is Dude Love the other faces Cactus Jack or Mick Foley. And why is Triple H wearing the terror Claws I mean you could give him you could give Man-E-Foley the Terror Clawsand they could be Terror Claws Sockos.
Also why are they replicating Masters gimmicks instead of giving them original gimmicks?

You don't seem Triple H and fury Underpants and He-Man boots that would have been awesome! Stone Cold Steve Austin with trap-jaw legs... you know making them more eternian like with the generic Parts but not putting a Man-E-Faces helmet on the new day.

Sting with The Claw for claw that was a cool idea but the clothing needs to look more Eternia like. Hell the Trap jaw legs would have been perfect for sting.

I know they're probably would have been a bit of resistance from the mcmahons side of things but, it seems to me that metal didn't try to Masters of the Universe eyes the WWE looks which is what we should have gotten from the get-go. But then again Mattel has to Mattel...

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