Jul 13, 2019

The 2021 MOTU movie and MOTUC: the rant

All signs are pointing towards MOTUC dying with Snake Mountain. Mattel is interested in the new MOTU Oranges line. And it would be PRETTY STUPID for Mattel to NOT immortalize the new movie figures in plastic...

I know that they will make a crappy 5 POA line for kids... or worse... in Oranges... they already have an adult collector line that is an anthology line to everything Masters of the Universe. Heck even the super seven stunt got them to have the 1987 movie figures in the anthology line that is Masters of the Universe classics.

And I honestly don't care if the movie ends up being crap I just think that they deserve a spot on the toy line. And even Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra deserves a spot in classics. Yes you heard that right or read in this case even the one dictating my rant to the phone... huh huh I said "dic".

It would be actually something rather simple for Mattel to do since they already have the baseball these with a Classics basic bodies all they have to do is basically make the faces and the armors preferably by The Four Horsemen because being brutally honest they are a lot better than the in-house team... ( I've avoided commenting on the Netflix She-Ra dolls that have been leaked because of that)

Let's say they make two waves of classic style 2021 movie figures. You get the He-man Skeletor key heroic Warriors key evil Warriors wearing the movie attire. Maybe toss in a second toy based head for each of the characters so you have a sort of what would metal have done in the 80s vibe to them... something the Super7 Stout Collection lacks...
I'm not going to go into details on how these ways would be split says I don't have access to the character rosters right now I have to wait like 2 years for that.

Now the horribly awful She-Ra reboot that I loathe on the other hand it's a lot easier to figure out waves for it.
DreamWorks would probably bitch and moan a lot a lot about classic icing them because they want their full vision or some BS like that in other words Glimmer to be short and fat and Scorpia to look like well an oversized scorpion monster woman that grabs Catra by the Catra?
Unwell part of me would like them to be 100% purely in the classic style like Glimmer being thin tall like the classics one. I won't accept a wimpy Bow I need Bow with the big bulky manly body from classics.
So they'd have to reach like a happy medium like say keep them in the same scale as classics all of them are 7 in tall but with different body sizes like she she ra and Adora are made with the standard body while Glummer gets a new slightly chunkier body. Scorpia gets a body that's as wide as Classics leech and textured Scorpion parts. The character hair would be as detail. Normal classics figures like a Dora tela he-man kale door clamp champ just do name a couple characters.

If Mattel were to do 12 figures as a small bone thrown to MOTUC  collectors,  here are my pics:
Sea Hawk
Shadow Weaver
Rogelio Kyle

Yes I have that Kyle got a problem with that?  But Dreamworks won't like this... shame.

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