Jul 16, 2019

Mario Maker 2 is the shit!

Language warning: Super Mario Maker 2 is the shit!!!
And after paying 20 bucks for online I have now played the full Super Mario Maker 2 experience.

The 100 Mario mode is gone. Now it's an endless mode you get 30 life and you beat stages until you die... and it's incredibly fun okay it's similar to 100 Mario mode but the difference is that the game doesn't stop every 16 levels.

The horse maker mold takes a lot to get used to especially if you tinkered around with the original Mario maker. The touchscreen is incredibly underused on the switch. But when playing on TV mode the makers seems a bit more intuitive than I first thought. But still the original Mario Maker has the better course maker interface with the Wii U pad.

Other than that is basically normal Mario maker with a couple of things taken out then a lot of things put in...

I know your worth wondering Nefty did you play The Co-op and versus mode?

Yes and I suck ass at them. The lag is incredibly bad, but it is kind of fun if Nintendo can find a way to improve the lag issue then it would be wonderful.

Not much has changed from my first thoughts except that I can see the potential in the maker mode now that I tinkered with it and weaned off a little bit from the Wii U version and the creativity that the course makers are showing it's amazing!  The troll levels are deliciously evil!! I've been frustrated as heck while playing them!! AND there have been some nice sweet courses that even casual semi hardcore well that's not accurate... Um, semi-hard... huh huh! I would say like medium core Mario Gamers would enjoy!

If you enjoy old school platform games and you're able to tolerate some Insidious trolling then this is the game for you!!

But if playing the game is not your thing you can check out some YouTubers that are doing it Mario Maker runs... they can be nerve-wracking, or hilarious...

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