Jul 17, 2019

The Faux vintage MOTU are retailbound in 2020

MOTUC is dead, MOTUC is dead! How long till you blame me for that, Scott?
If you can sing that to this tune, then you might guess what I'm gonna say.
The new faux vintage He-Man look very Robot Chickeny... and no, that's NOT a Compliment.
But they are cheaper than Super7's...

They're a bit too expensive at $15. They look cheaply made and sloppily made as well. Look at Skeletor's boot! They have bits of flesh in Purple, when they should be blue... This type of laziness is wave 4 corner cutting and we're barely on wave 1... What the Hell Mattel!? You're making the Neitlich era look good again...

I don't see these doing good... They're not for kids, but they aren't made for adults...

I'll let Hall and Oates take it away... This one's for you Mattel!

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