Jul 28, 2019

I miss figure Multi-packs...

With the rising costs of action figires, Multi packs are becoming a thing of the past. I KNOW that Hasbro does the occasional 2 or 3 pack but I'm talking more than 3 figures at a time like say the few four packs that NECA does with  TMNT... or the old multipacks that toy Biz did with Marvel Legends...

For example a seven-figure pack like the spider-man versus the Sinister Six set from toy biz would be a $140 item... and right now Hasbro could pull it easily since they have all the main Sinister Six and Spidey.
Repaint Vulture in darker colors.
Repaint Mysterio with gold boots and gloves
Repaint the Raft Sandman in normal colors
Repaint Electro in Classic Colors
Repaint Ock in classic colors (glasses in blue)
Repaint Kraven from the last hunt 2 pack in brighter colors and swap his forearms for Namor's.
Repaint Spidey in battle damage and toss in an extra half mask head from pizza Spidey repainted for battle damage.

Fantastic 4 could use  one as well.
Like say: Reuse the Ronan Wave Reed repainted in Walgreens Reed paint scheme with the Walgreens Reed head.
Thing would be a rerelease
Sue would be recast in clear plastic.
Johnny would require a new flamed off head sculpt maybe having him partially flamed on like the ToyBiz F4 set.

A 3 pack could be used to complete the Maximum Carnage villains.
Demogoblin is a literal repaint. (And a new glider)
Carrion requires 1-2 new pieces
Shriek can easily be made by clever part reuse.

A Dormammu and Mordo vs Dr. Strange 3 pack could work.
Strange could be a classic colors repaint of the previously released Dr. Strange.
Mordo would NEED to be his comic book version, which would require a couple of new pieces and Dormammu is a rerelease of the BAF because Dormammu adds value to the set.

 but realistically speaking most of these would remain ifanboy screen because Rising costs in plastic would make them cost-prohibitive.

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