Nov 11, 2019

8 days for Shenmue 3 and I'm nervous...

Mostly because I have not received any notifications regarding my game being shipped. The other part is that SHENMUE 3 IS FINALLY COMING OUT!!!  19/20 year old me would be freaking out right now. It seems that in 8 days at a minimum I'll be able to begin to see the next step on Hazuki-san's Journey.  4 years 4 months ago... approximately, I backed the Shenmue 3 kickstarter.  it almost feels like an eternity ago. But it's coming in roughly a week from today...  it's a bit scary come to think of it.

To say that I'm Not Afraid would be a terrible lie. I hope the game at least meet my expectations on the next chapter of The shenmue Saga and that it does well enough so we can get the 4th game in the series. I'm not going to retail my attachment to the game and how would basically covered the end of my high school life to the beginning of college life and now my life as an adult living on my own. Having night adult responsibilities which reduce my gaming time compared to late high school/college life.

But pushing my fears aside: it's finally happening. WE are getting a part 3 in roughly a week and this time it's for real. There will be no longer jokes about shenmue never getting a part 3 because it's happening for real!! People have played a demo and 8 days... that's what we need to wait... 8 days... can't wait to hear Cory Marshall's uninterested "yeah" or "I see"  but most importantly continuing the journey. Also I kind of want to see my name in the end credits when we see the backers section... I'm allowed to have a bit of an ego moment!

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