Nov 18, 2019

DC's Harley Quinn animated series trailer reaction.

Tryhard sums it up in one word.

Here's the trailer... enjoy!

As I was saying the show is trying way too hard to be edgy.
Cussing, throwing sexual references, is being super violent...  you name it, they're trying it! Wouldn't be surprised if we get to see some tits in it.

 The premise isn't bad. Harley deciding to Branch off from being Joker's sidekick and becoming her own character is a cool idea. The only issue I have is that they're just going all the other end of the Spectrum by acting all edgy and faux hardcore kinda like a Zack Snyder movie of the DC Universe.

I'm getting some familiar vibes out of this...

Unlike Titans I would probably buy this on DVD if it's released... let me check the voice cast, cause that Batman sounded familiar...
Holy Ass crackers, Batman! It's Diedrich Bader! Batman The Brave and The Bold is back!
Alan Tudyk is Joker? Weaord having an Olvier Queen playing Joker...
Disappointed on Harley's voice... It's Kaley Cuoco from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!! Don't mention the nerd minstrel show...

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