Nov 12, 2019

Hideo is getting a BIT TOO MUCH OF AN EGO nowadays

Death Stranding has received mixed reviews and Hideo Kojima isn't taking it too well. He's acting like he's the Scorsese of videogames. Well, he blames the FPS like Halo and COD to have been the reason why not everyone is loving Death Stranding. Not going to mention the weird Ass Kissing to Famitsu... Reeks of Freaking Dorito Pope in here... wait He's IN THE GAME TOO!? But back on topic. People NOT Liking Death Stranding does not mean they love FPS games. Aside DOOM and maybe Goldeneye (hasn't aged well) and Metroid Prime, I'm not exactly an FPS fan. So, if I play Death Stranding and don't like it, what's Hideo's excuse?

I UNDERSTAND that Death Stranding is meant to be a "different experience" but IF THE GAME ISN'T FUN, then it missed out on the main reason for being a game. *cough* gone home *cough* and many critiques have been Cool story, gameplay not so much. If the game is slow paced, that's not an issue for me (aside time constraints because adulting) but if it isn't fun, it's not fun... Thinking of the WWE games since 2k games took over. Then there's also that Kojima subtlety that competes with Hack Snydurr's "depth".

I WILL play Death Stranding, but I'll wait until the game is at a lower price, because from what I WAS SHOWN in the trailers, my interest has waned a lot since 2015. I can't bring myself to pay $60+ Taxes for a game that looks like I'm playing MGSV without D-Horse, Pequod or any vehicles and I have to walk from Spugmay Keep all the way to OKB Zero and return to Spugmay Keep. Yes, I've been replaying Phantom pain on PS4 until Shenmue 3.

And after publishing this rant, a friend sent me a year old video

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