Nov 7, 2019

Making a GOOD Terminator movie is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Think about it... There is simply NO WAY to up the ante after T2: Judgement Day. Hell, even Judgement Day was a fluke if you think about it. Terminator wasn't MEANT TO BE a multimedia franchise. It is now, but for some reason EVERYTHING FALLS SHORT TO THE FIRST TWO MOVIES.

There is a simole explanation for that: The first two movies made the formula stale.
You can do so much with a story about a time traveler going back to the past to stop a killer machine from eliminating a specific person.
T2 gave us the twist of the original killer machine bwing the protector.
Even the movies have a similar formula:
These are the ingredients for a Terminator movie:
Dystopian future scenes, Terminator gets clothed, Encounter with the subject, Vehicle chase, an encounter with Law Enforcement, final showdown at an industrial setting. While not necessarily in that order, but you get tge idea.

 Rise of the Machines and DARK Fate  copied the exact same formula. The only Terminator movie that actually tried something different was Salvation... but since it was given to a mediocre director the future War got screwed.
By sticking to the formula and the only "original" concept being "Whamen!" Dark Fate sealed its own uh, dark... fate? Of sucking like every Terminator movie after 2...

There is no way to make Terminator interesting enough.
Not even by having Skynet, I mean Legion send Terminators back in time to protect Key people that would create Legion from Present Dani and a possible Human Time traveler taking the role of the Terminator. (And even that idea is a retread of Sarah in T2)

Had James Cameron NOT WASTED his time with Titanic or Avaturd, we could've gotten the Future War we deserved... even if it's pointless, since we know the end: Skynet sends a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor, John sends Kyle Reese, his father, in order to ensure Sarah's survival (and his own conception). Sending the T-1000 and secons T-800 still stumps me.

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