Nov 19, 2019

Elizabeth Banks blames comic book movies for the Soulless Charlie's Angels reboot.

Elizabeth Banks who became a Household name thanks to Spider-Man movies, blames Spider-Man movies for the failure of her Charlie's Angels reboot.
My reaction to this was bad... Not her whining, but the reboot. I saw the trailer and was completely uninterested by it.
I'm not exactly a fan of K-Stew... So having her in a leading role does nothing for me. Naomi Scott, while being the least offensive thing of the soulless Aladdin remake, is not big enough of a draw to make me want to see the movie. And third Angel, What's her name, is an unknown, so, no interest in watching the movie.

Wasting the talents of Djmon Hounsou and Patrick Stewart here...

16 years ago, the last Charlie's Angels reboot sequel was received with mixed results. And this was when:
-Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz where at the peak of their popularity.
-Lucy Liu was rising to the top Super fast...

This reboot has a K-Stew who has been going on the way down for some time and had to hide in indie films to somewhat keep a name. Naomi Scott hasn't fully made a name for herself... Aladdin and the Power Rangers reboot  weren't exactly well received. And an unknown.

I'd place the blame on Banks' inexperience as a director...
Doing a couple of shorts does not count... neither does Pitch Perfect 2. Charlie's Angels is an action packed spy thriller. Instead of focusing on that, she CHOSE to go with the anti-male third wave feminism message.
If you make a movie for women and men are not meant to be the main audience, you can't complain about men NOT WATCHING a movie that wasn't made for them!

Strong Powerful female leads have been around for ages
Ripley, The Bride, Nikita, Lara Croft, Alice from the crappy Resident Evil-in name only, Katniss, Wonder Woman, Cap'n Meh Vel, Alita, Sarah Connor, etc. I'm not going to be a dick and mention the previous Charlie's Angels.

Banks made the movie she wanted to make, it's just that the public didn't want what she was selling.
If a movie is good, people won't mind the agendas... When you try to shame people into watching a movie, chances are the opposite effect will be the end result.

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