Nov 10, 2019

Snake Mountain test shot from B-Flynn

And There is a screw up... Hint: Wolf head is upside down.
 it's looking pretty good. I'm not going to lie it's big!!! (That's what she said) THE gap on the waterfall next to the hinge worries me a little. I suppose customization will come to the rescue... that will also help onthe tiny complaint about the gate breaking the snake. (A custom backdrop can fix that.

 Other than that I'm glad that it's coming along. I won't deny that I'm a bit scared about this I mean it $750 endeavor... which I already paid for. I'm guessing that by Midsummer 2020 will be the date when we will receive our Snake Mountains. I got to say that this Snake Mountain playset looks a lot better in Black than the Vintage toy purple from the Prototype.  IF I had more time,  money, and space I would probably make custom additions to both Snake Mountain and Grayskull.

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