Nov 8, 2019

NECA and Loot Crate want my money...

I haven't reviewed the Shredder NECA TMNT movie set due to a lack of free time and accidentally deleting the photos for the review. But that's not what I'm here today for. Today I'm going to ramble about the Loot Crate Exclusive Spirit of Splinter + Campfire set. It will set you back $50... because it's coming from Loot Crate, so IN THEORY, there should be some extra stuff in there. The Preorder Window is closing down and there's barely 10 days left as of November 8.

That picture alone is worth the Figure... My only issue is Loot Crate. They've had a few issues with delivering items. I think I may be skipping this one. It's a neat addition and an obvious recast/repaint by NECA. Shame that is tied to Loot Crate.

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